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  • The Limpet Anti-Slip Saddle Pad

    Not Neoprene

    Completely Safe for Your Horse's Back

    The Limpet Becomes a Second Skin
    that Eliminates and Heals Sore Back

    Raise Your Score

    The Limpet Saddle Pad is:

    • Anti-Slip
    • Eliminates Friction
    • Breathable
    • Washable
    • Therapeutic
    • Reduces Sore Backs
    • Absorbs Concussion
    • Improves Extension

    Horse and Rider

    Read Horse & Rider's Review
    Of the Limpet Pad by Clicking Here

    The revolutionary open-cell composition of the Limpet Saddle Pad allows the heat of the horse's body to form a bond with the saddle so that your horse, pad and saddle become one.

    This adhesion virtually eliminates the saddle's forward and lateral movement.

    The unique Limpet bond allows healing of a damaged back due to the elimination of friction burn.

    The unrivaled concussion absorption of Limpet's 20MM saddle pads permits a rider to sit deep to a powerful trot, improving your Sitting Trot.  

    The enhanced protection and dissipation of pressure of both the 20MM and the 10MM pads generates a greater degree of comfort resulting in a softening through the back and producing a marked improvement in stride length, improving your Extended Trot.

    The Limpet Pad is orthopedic, anti-fungal, anti-bacteria--and machine washable!

    The Limpet Saddle Pad was designed by horsewoman, Aline Holmes, and thoroughly tested in racing, showing and long-distance events by horsemen and women.


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